Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Venture Damage

Once a bow pulpit was here, but no longer.
The holes left from where the bow pulpit once was add nice light in the forepeak, but they will need to be repaired.  I am still not positive that I am going to fix this boat, but it is more likely than not.   These holes and the ones at the mast step are all the fiberglass work that needs doing.
Rigging will be a bit of work.  I need new stays and shrouds and spreaders.  Oh ya, the mast.  I am not to worried about fixing the mast.  I think it is doable.
The one thing that makes me sigh is the thought of having to re-cut the sails to fit a shortened rig.  Not difficult just a lot of work.
I figure that down below will be very spartan.  I will only repair the accommodations that have anything to do with the structural stability of the hull.  I don't think there is much point to doing more right now.

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