Thursday, September 14, 2017

15'6x5' trailerable micro cruiser

Currently in the Shop.  Possibly transportable in the back of a pickup truck, but a micro trailer cruiser.
Minimal rocker to reduce slap under the bow.

moderate flare to the sides and slight V bottom at the stern.

water tight forward bulkhead for bouncy and ground tackle storage
Modified sharpie hull, flat bottom forward with a slight V in the stern.  Inner chine log, keelson, skeg, shallow outer keel and rub strips port and starboard.  Stem, forward bulkhead, mid station, transom.  (Stern bulkhead, and aft mid station to be added).  In whale/shelf, gunwhale/rub rail, side decks and coaming.  Benches for and aft from transom to midships.
     Hoping to have a split rig, either Cat-Ketch, or Yawl.  Two rowing stations, and sculling notch.  Bottom epoxy and fabric, either glass or Dynel.....  Center board (weighted).