Monday, February 17, 2014

Frozen messing about

After a week of snowy days and frigid nights
down below everything was dry and cozy-ish.
Simply messing about in small boats is usually enough to keep me happy.  Oddly enough, two days ago, when I was doing just that, messing about that is, and it was beginning to snow again, I was pretty happy.  The gray sky and the wind and not much in the way of fresh water but quite a bit of snow and ice, all made me happy because I  was at the little boat, even though we wouldn't be sailing.  The docks were a bit tricky to negotiate as the snow was almost 2 foot high and rounded on top, giving one the feeling that I was going to slip right over and into the water, er, ah, I guess I mean onto the ice.  I reasoned that even if I did fall off the dock I'd probably not go thru the ice as it was pretty thick.  Any other reasoning just made me uncomfortable.
After shoveling the snow off the boat it rose up about an inch on it's lines.  The snow was wet, heavy and icy.  From the cockpit I could see the few other boats in the basin and many others on the hard.  I could hear the clanking of halyards against aluminum masts from the boats who's owners weren't considerate enough to cat off their lines.  I could see a few sea gulls gliding on the wind and one bald eagle on an ice floe out on the river.
Even though I was only sitting on a boat that wasn't going anywhere soon, I was quite a bit happier to be floating, on a boat, my boat, a boat that I hope within a month will be sailing thru not so frozen water.  That was enough to make the snow blowing down my collar not so cold or uncomfortable, but really just a bit silly.  Sometimes just sitting and daydreaming about things I am pretty sure will come, is enough.  For now it has to be because our world here is still frozen and buried in snow and ice.