Monday, October 22, 2012

boats & more boats & moored boats...

Not to detract from the mission of this blog, but, I have just added to the fleet a 1972 Mcgregor Venture 21 fiberglass sailboat.  The boat came with a trailer and it's purpose in my life is to allow for some mini cruising, as oppose to micro cruising in the skiff.  She is 40 years old and shows it, but very functional.

Maybe she will get her own blog at some point, but her main purpose is to get me on the water sailing in a non open boat, cheaply, or free of mooring fees, and easily.  I will update on how that goes at some point, like when it happens.

Meanwhile, sewing continues on the mainsail.  I have recently thought about making the mast into a 2 part item for a bit more height and easier stowage in the boat.  We'll see where that thought process leads.

Venture 21, not mine & not me in it, but just like my new addition.