Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I got a delivery of rigging gear today.  I got some wire rope for the stays and shrouds, some thimbles, some copper crimp sleeves and a tool to crimp them with.
I took some measurements on the boat, of the mast and did the geometry to get the needed lengths of the new rigging.  I will use some cable clamps on the bottoms of each stay on the first attempt at raising the mast and then when I know all the lengths are right I will to it all up with the copper sleeves.
This is my cost efficient way of rigging the boat and should be fine for the kind of sailing we hope to be doing.

The mast step is back on the boat and I replaced the damaged wire lifelines with rope, which I prefer anyway.  I also put some new line on the rudder for lifting it out of the water.
I am varnishing the wooden keel winch bridge but it is ready to be put onboard.

I think I will go without a bow pulpit for now.  There actually is a bit of work to be done to get Ventura ready to go back in the water, but it is only now that I am feeling like working on her.  The winter was just too long, snowy and depressing.  The weather is great spring time sailing weather right now.  It would be nice to be out there using the boat rather than working on her.  Oh well.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A year on

One year ago today Ventura was out on the Hudson and I was in the Hudson.  Funny that the weather today is probably just about the same wind wise, strong gusty, not to be trifled with.