Monday, September 24, 2012

Wind Scoop!

Sailed the skiff today!  Using the "WindScoop" as a spinnaker I did a down wind sail of about 3 miles before turning around to row the return into the wind.  At least the tide seemed slack, maybe.

Using an oar in one hand, for a rudder off the side of the boat I ran the sheets thru the forward oar lock sockets and handled both with the other hand.  Kind of like a kite set up.  I think we were almost planing at moments!  It will be interesting to be in this thing with the main sail someday.

Friday, September 21, 2012

new pics

C. Burger took these nice pictures of Whisp when we visited his Westsail 32.

Fall project

So, Sew!

I am set to work stitching up the sail.  In the end I decided on a Sprit sail rig.  The 7'6" foot will keep the clew at the aft end of the cockpit and leave about 2'6" to the end of the boat to get a good sheet angle.
This will make a good Fall/winter project while I get the shop in order.  A little music, coffee, and maybe a fire on the cold days.  I am not in a hurry and want to enjoy the time just working on the sail.
the stubby mast with it's sail to be laid out!

Hand sewing the sail. 
The shop table makes a good sewing bench.
round stitch, with one layer of corner patch.

clothes pins work great to hold the edge down.
A second hand wind scoop, meant to send air down a hatch, will make a nice downwind light air sail, I hope.