Wednesday, April 9, 2014

sailing atittude

So in light of recent events I have come up with a new standard by which to judge conditions and wether or not I even go out on a given day.  It is very simple actually.
If I imagine that on every sail I have a cargo, or, rather, passengers aboard, who are those that I love most in the world and would want to keep from harm and then make decisions and judgements like wether to go out or not, when to reef, when to cut losses and seek some kind of safety........Those imagined passengers would not be available as crew, just as precious cargo.
As I age and am ever more less in need of the thrills that once entertained me in my youth, I think that it is wise to try to moderate my levels of adventure to some degree.  I know that even moderated, my ideas of "fun" and my comfort zones will not match everybody's, but they never have, nor do I feel that they need to.
In truth the welfare of those I care about is always onboard, in that if I come to harm, they too would surely suffer in some way.

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