Monday, April 7, 2014

#15 longest sail of the season but not in a good way!

Sail #15 should have brought the per sail cost of sailing almost down to $30/sail, instead it has raised the price to a figure I am unsure of yet, as I am waiting for the bills to come in.  I may detail it in a later post but let's just say that I am here to wrote about it, and I am satisfied with that.
The boat is thru sailing for the season, maybe for good, but that is yet to be decided.  Now I just have to get it out of the marina, on the trailer and back home, the rest can be decided later.
It is good to be here to write these words and I have added another experience to my history that will remain in my mind for some time, and that has taught me a thing or two or ten!
As most will be starting their sailing season in the next few weeks and months I am now ending mine for a minute, at least in the Venture.  I hope to be back out on the water in the skiff on the next fair day that I have at my leisure.  Best wishes to all who row or sail for their fun and entertainment and sanity.  Be careful out there.  Reef as soon as you think about it, seek a safe harbor at the earliest point when the conditions begin to build.  Those are words to live by, literally.

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