Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunday on the Pond

First day back out on the water!
Bird box in the distance
I took the pram down to the pond for my first day back out on the water since my bad day in the water.  I was back on the venture in the marina to get it to the ramp and on the trailer, but this was my first day out just to go boating.  It was lovely and different from the last day, very different, and that was good.
I rowed from one end of the pond to the other seeing turtles under the water, being surrounded by the little birds catching the gnats and flying bugs, and threatened with loud honks by the geese as I got to there side of the pond.  I pulled in the oars and let the little bit of breeze push me down wind and then I'd row back up again.
Though the pram is very small, single person size, or maybe 2 small children, it is very nice to row, very peaceful, and the sound of wooden oars on the wooden gunwale and thole pins fit very nicely with the sound of water slowly being pushed by the wooden hull.
I floated and day dreamed of a little boat, like a little cat boat, for the pond.  Dreaming and designing in my head while being in the specific bit of water I am designing for is a wonderful way to be.
The little wooden boat made me less enthusiastic about the work I have to do on the venture 21 to get her back into shape.  Fiberglass is an unpleasant think to work with and a boat made of it can lack any real character if care is not put into the accommodations for the human beings that will inhabit her.  Little outings in my wooden boats, like this might help me to get the job on the Venture 21 done, and then find her a home, so that I can justify building a little cat boat........... or something.

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