Friday, April 11, 2014

extremely trailer friendly mast?

broken mast and boom from Venture 21
Trying to get stuff sorted out.  Here is the 24 foot mast now in 13' and 11' sections.  If I keep the boat???? and fix her up I would consider trying to splice the mast back together, in a manner similar to the way  I saw Yves Gelinas do after being dismasted during a round the world trip.  Jean-du-Sud Around the world is a really good movie he made of his trip and in it you can see how he fixed his mast and continued.With Jean du Sud Around the World
With Jean-du-Sud
I think I would prefer a mast of about 20 or 21 feet anyway.  It would be easier to raise and lower when launching and the boat is pretty fast with this sail plan already.  For recreational sailing the loss of sail area doesn't bother me at all.  I have been sailing with a used main from a smaller boat anyway.
At this point it is all just smoke because until I get the boat back home I am not sure that I will be keeping it.

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