Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Got out early today to take advantage of the wind that was blowing.  On days like these it seems normal for the breeze to die away as the sun warms up everything around, and that is just what it did today.  I did get to go thru a range of sail combinations.  I started out with the working jib only and ended up with full mains'l and the genny.
With today's sail I have got my costs down under $40/sail.  With 14 days left till the end of my winter contract I think I can get that down a bit more.
Though it is warm out, the high 50's f and sunny, the river banks still have that depressed winter look to them with the trees all brown and grey and no visible grass yet.  Even so, the birds are plentiful and talkative and the sun is bright in a brilliantly blue sky, so it all feels hopeful and good.

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