Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Rudder, we don't need no stinking rudder!"

Took the skiff to the lake today for an evening sail.  I love this boat.  This was the first sail since the mast partner mishap and repair.  The new set up is great so far.
It took a few minutes for my body to remember how to sail this boat.  It is more like surfing than sailing in some ways.  Steering with my body position and, or, weight combined with mainsheet trim takes not thinking about how it works and just doing it.
What  I am coming to believe is that the boat has lee helm because of it's slight underbody all being aft in the skeg.  This explains all the other tendencies that come with moving about to one side or the other or fore and aft.
Though it may just confuse things I think I will build the rudder I had thought to build.  I'd like to see how that works out.
For now, I am just glad to be sailing again, and ecstatic that it is in a boat I built.

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