Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nice bottom!

Woke up this morning eager to take the clamps off.  Immediately started cleaning up the edge with a plane and sureform. I rounded over the bottom edge of the plywood to make a softer turn for the fiberglass that will cover the bottom and up to the chine.  This is the way I did it on WHISP and that worked out pretty well.
Bottom on and planing down to the chine.

The plywood on the bottom has some spots where it has delaminated.  I think this is a result of stress and moisture or, it could be a quality control issue.  I am not worried as that area will have an added layer of fiber glass to protect the bottom and the epoxy should help with the plywood lamination as well.

The cedar floor frames are a bit beefy but they are light.
 This is the point when I get really happy.  It is actually a boat now and can float if I wanted to put it in the water.  How cool is that?  I built another boat, and of my own design!?  It is very gratifying to look at it.  Can't wait to see Liz in it and  to see how it floats and paddles.

Liz's boat.  I think I may leave the stems proud like they
are.  It kind of helps it look not so short.
While having my coffee this morning, I came up and idea for a kayak style boat I'd like to design and build.  It would be about 12 or 14 feet long, about 2 foot 6 inch beam and be kind of an unsinkable boat.  It is like a sit on top but a little bit more husky.  One of the things I don't like about my glass yak is that the cockpit is very small and getting in and out is not so simple as just standing up.  I also don't like that I can't relax, lie back and enjoy the surroundings easily.  That is something about kayaks in general that I am not so thrilled about.  But my idea is a light weight, roomy, double paddle boat that I might be able to carry on my HP challenged Vanagon, to nice, warm blu water and feel comfortable in.  Liz's boat could do it but it is not meant for that kind of water.
I think I will build a model.  I guess I should order a pizza so I can use the box to build the model ;)

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