Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I started putting in the inwales yesterday.  I decided that rather than have them meet up flush to the thwarts and breasthooks and stem, I'd have them tapper off at their ends.  This makes it a little easier and in the end will look just fine.
the inwales (3/4"x1/4" yellow pine) will be glued in as well as screwed thru to the
outwale with 1-1/4" ss screws.
 These inwales are mainly there so that I can fasten thru them to the out wale and make a sandwich of the plywood sides, for protection and strength and the layers of different wood will look nice when finished.
the small pieces in the bow will just be glued in place

The thick gunnel adds a visual heft to the boat that it didn't have before.

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