Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ready for Glass Armor

I glued up the gunnels and sanded them all down.
Gunnels On.
cedar floors/seat are 3/8" by 1-1/2" by 24", screwed to frames.

I then decided to make the floors using the cedar stock I had.  That turned out pretty nice I think.
I have finished off any shaping that needed to be done and sanded the whole boat down.  I suppose it is ready to be finished off.
It's a canoe!
Now I can see what the boat turned out to be.

When I was done I walked past a board that was leaning against the wall and I got a wild idea.  I drew out a shape for a greenland style paddle and cut it down to size with a draw knife and a spoke shave.  It isn't a good piece of wood and not very practical but it was fun to do and let me see how it looks on the boat.
Ready to paddle!
I am not sure about the finish.  I'd kind of like to leave it all bright, varnished, but I am not sure how that will hold up.  I was very careful to be neat about pencil marks and scratches this time and it certainly could just be varnished.  I will glass the bottom and then decide.
I think I have decided not to put a keel on it.  I think it will sit deep enough in the water to not need one.  I can change my mind later if it turns out not to track well.

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