Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Get my mind back on business

Now that the presentation at the Library is over I can get my mind back to things that feel more normal.  The presentation was fun and I really enjoyed the people I met, but it did kind of harken back to things from the past with the set up, performance like feeling, and I haven't had to deal with that in a while and can honestly say, I don't miss it.
It was nice to have the casual and friendly feeling of just a bunch of people getting together to talk about boats.  It should happen once a month maybe, but at a nice pub or club house.  It probably does, I'm just not there.
I can get to putting the bottom on Liz's boat now.  That will be exciting, at least this moment always has been.  It's the moment when the wood and screws and glue actually become a boat, and can float.
BUT FIRST, I am off to the water to enjoy and test out the new mast partner sailing rig.  I would be happy just to row today as I have been inspired by a woman named Sarah Ouhten.  She is rowing from Japan to Canada right now.  Check her out.  She is way cool.
Thanks to all who attended the presentation last night!  We had a good turn out.  I really appreciated the friendly faces and the warm relations.

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