Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Skiffing about, back on the lakes!

Took the Skiff out on the lake on Tuesday.  I love this boat.  I was with a friend who was in his kayak. While I was not as fast as him, we moved along together for a nice circumnavigation of the lake.  When I was feeling the afternoon lull of energy I just laid back and dozed off.  You can't do that easily in a kayak, at least I can't.  We rafted up and lashed the boats together and just drifted along for a while, sharing some food.  Again, I was laid back, head on a cushion, shoes off, feet up, loving life, while he was sitting, comfortably, but still sitting up in his kayak.  I really prefer a row boat and especially this one.

The removable thwarts and the cedar floors all work great to make for very comfortable boating.  I could easily camp aboard this boat.  Now if I can only get the sail rig completed!

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