Friday, April 12, 2013


Today I found a piece of mahogany, I think, that will make a nice blade end for the oars.  It will contrast the color of the rest of the blade and deal with the abuse the end of the oar usually gets.  The wood is scrap from a friend who was cleaning out his garage last year.
hardwood blade tip for protection
I was doing research on the shape of the oars, after I already decided on the shape and glued up the first oar.  I found some great ideas on laminating contrasting colored woods and realized I have some cedar that would have been great, had I thought of it earlier.  Maybe next time.
I knew that 6 foot long clamp would come
in handy for something!
 I was going to try and clamp on the end piece with some line run around the length of the blade, so I would have to glue up the piece before I cut the shape out, but then I realized that I have this really long and awkward furniture clamp, 6 feet long.  I had wondered if I should cut down the pipe to a reasonable size, now I am glad that I didn't.  It just fits the entire length of the oar.
Initial planing of the shaft to match the blade has started.
On the first side, I used a saw to cut the shaft flat to match the blade and although it was quicker it wasn't as nice a finish and on the second side just used the planes and spoke shave.  It takes longer but it gives me time to look at the piece while I am working and finalize the shape I want it to be.

I will have to deduct the length of the end piece from the other end of the oar at the handle in order to keep the oar short enough to store in the boat.

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