Monday, April 15, 2013


I think I have shaped them enough.  So now I have put on a bit of paint to help them match the pram and when I get some more varnish I can do that.  They feel pretty strong and pretty light weight.  Once they are varnished I am done with the pram and can get to regular use of it.
Painted but not varnished.  I am thinking of putting
the name of the boat on the square part of the loom.
Shaping by eye and planes and spoke shave takes a bit of time and there were some compromises that were made from taking a bit too much here or there, but overall I am pretty happy with these.  I did use the belt sander on the blades for a moment until the sand paper belt tore thru.  Took it for a sign and sat in the sun with a wood block and 80 grit paper to finish that shaping.

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