Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rowing set up

Today, I put the last coats of paint and varnish on the boat that I am doing.  I also made the "kabes" which is the word I got, from a book by Iain Oughtred, for a type of thole pin.  I made them to slide over the aft rib.  I also added a "stringer" of sorts on the ribs.  It will help to keep the kabes in place, and make portaging a little easier.  Also a good place to tie off a fender.  The kabes will be lashed to them to keep from loosing them

the rowing set up.
The yellow line was found during a clean up day down at the pond.

Something for the oar to work against.

The piece just slides over the top of the rib.

When using the double paddle the kabe can just hang on it's keeper.
I also spliced a painter thru the two holes that I drilled in the bow.
The painter.
I hope to test the boat with oars tomorrow morning.

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