Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snowy out, fire in

The snowy weather makes for good work days in the shop.  Light the wood stove, turn on the radio, make a cup of coffee and the day just zooms by.  

The japanese pull saw is the tool I use most.

Here the second rib and the two braces for the gunwales can be seen

This is the most used power tool.  The ability to cut angle and bevel at the same time is so amazing!!

Cedar decking scrap will become the floors/thwart that runs fore and aft.  It is wet and being weighted to bend it into shape.

The cedar floor planks are 5/8 ths. inch thick by 3 inches wide, just thick enough to be
supportive but thin enough to bend to the curve of the bottom.

the cross braces on the gunwale are 3" wide by 3/4" thick and will be shaped to about 2"
in the middle.

the floors will bare on the chines and the ribs.

The plywood plates on the ribs still need to be trimmed down

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