Monday, March 11, 2013

Shaping the sprit yard

Work on the skiff continues.  The sailing rig needs to be dealt with.  So first is the sprit yard.

12 feet by 1-5/8th inch square.  This is made of 4 pieces laminated together.

Instead of using the table saw to make the 4 side spar into and 8 side spar I decided to
just use the small block plane and take my time and enjoy the
accumulation of shavings, while listening to music.

Lots of shavings, but I am not done.

I found a piece of Mahogany, I think, and am using it to make a horn for the mast that
will be a stop the "snotter " for the sprit yard.  I think the contrasting dark
wood will look nice. 

8 sides is enough for this spar.  Now I just need to sureform and sand it down.
I will shape the ends to take the rigging points.

The 2 spars.  I may add a 3rd, a boom, if the loose footed rig proves lacking.
I would like to make a chock of some sort so that when the spars are lying down in the boat they can be secured.  Neither spar extends past the bow when lying in the bottom of the boat.  That is kind of nice.
I had to rework the mast partner to accommodate the smaller
diameter of the mast.  Now the mast will be captured
in the partner and I can use a wedge or lashings to snug it all up.
First, I have to finish shaping, after the glue dries.  Might not even be able to
see the joint when it is all done.  Maybe.
Having a boat small enough to fit in the shop, and having a shop to put a boat in is really great.  The winter months can be spent just messing about leisurely upgrading and maintaining, and dreaming about the Spring time.  Can't really do this with a big boat, unless you happen to have a BIG shop.  The other thing about small boats is the changes I am making right now cost me next to nothing.  The wood is scrap, still stuff from a packing crate I scavenged.

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