Sunday, May 20, 2012

Whisp, she is Launched!

The QT lines are very pleasing to the eye. (photo D.Raymond)

Launch Day today!  Beautiful, Sunny, warm, cool breeze, clear fresh water, very good friends and a great little boat.  All the things a guy wants to make him happy.

Launch Day!  The best she'll ever look.  And now,
for the use and abuse and adventure that
she was built for.
Everybody got to take her out for a try, and nobody fell in the water.  The boat doesn't leak!  In fact, it rows pretty easy and tracks pretty well.
My lovely wife did the honors of with a bottle that was left over from
our wedding ceremony 3 years ago.
First row, my sailing friend and his wife.
He was my first real guide into boating.
My neighbors and friends even came out
and rowed very ably.
Ya, he's a trusted friend, he's got my wife and my boat.  (photo D.Raymond)

I will definitely get to work on a mast and sail.  We found that a parasol and an oar in the sculling notch can to pretty well for a beam reach and taking off wind.
Our Down wind parasol (parasail) or umbrellaker.
I used an oar in the sculling notch and got great steering
Rudder, I don't need no stinking rudder!  (photo D.Raymond)

I will have to give some thought to a critique of the boat on it's first day out.  Got lot's of nice comments from people passing by and showed at least two different people Jim's book on how to build this boat.

I am really looking forward to doing my version of Swallows &  Amazons on these lakes that are filled with little coves and islands and fish and snakes and clear sweet water.
QT"x" flat iron skiff, "Whisp"
Ready for adventure.

Happy to be 'Simply Messin' About'


  1. Just purchased plans for a QT skiff and will start building mine this week. Thanks for the blog and great pictures and commentary. Very inspirational!

  2. You are very welcomed. Thanks for taking the time to look over the blog. I just gave a talk, last week, on the building of this boat, at my local library. It was a lot of fun to revisit that build. Good luck with you project and feel feel to send a comment with any questions if you should have them.

  3. Great job! What a good looking, practical boat. I would love to see an update when you complete your mast and sail.

  4. Very nice. confused it with STeve Redmond's Whisp design, but I like what you've done here!

  5. Replies
    1. Check out the latest entry to the blog, click on "home" up top of page, and you can see a pic of the new rig. It's on land but it's the only pic I have bothered to take. The sailing rig works just great for me. I will try to get to publishing an entry about what and why's of the rig soon. Thanks for the interest.