Monday, May 7, 2012

Buttons & sockets & Dogs

The buttons, or catches for the hatches,
have been worked out and put on.  Simple solution, a bit of wood and a screw to make buttons that turn.
Aft compartment with catches for the hatches!
I am trying to figure out what to do about toe rails.  I like the color of the cedar in this application, but it isn't very tough and it doesn't seem to bend easily.  The yellow pine would probably bend easiest, but I really like the contrasting dark color of the cedar and the teak I have thought about.  The teak is the least likely as is is reclaimed, like all this wood, and I don't have any suitable pieces.

Fore hatch & mast step and partner.

I plan to drill a hole on each side of the mast partner opening to take pins or simply take line for securing the mast.

Most expensive single items on the boat are the bronze oarlocks, & sockets.
The paint is also a high price item.
I am not sure how good an idea it was to use these oar lock sockets, as they go thru the gunwale making a hole 1/2 the it's width.  If the gunwales break here then I will know it was a bad idea.
I am going to use sockets that mount to the inside of the gunwales for the forward rowing position.
I couldn't carve a figure on the stem so Chilly decided to stand in.
It was such a nice day that I had to roll the little boat out of the shop and just look at it.  Chilly actually seemed pretty comfortable lying in there.  One of the reasons I am building this boat is so that I can go out for a row and bring Chilly along.
testing out the sleeping arrangements
 Varnish, a method for securing the thwarts and I think it's time to get her in the water.  Very humid and rainy for a while so I don't know how much varnishing I'll be doing.

Anxious to get this thing to the water soon.

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