Friday, May 25, 2012

Sail rig possibilies

So in trying to get to determining what the sail rig is actually going to be for this boat I have been pouring over pictures and plans of many boats with many rigs.  I have come to the conclusion that I want this rig to be a) simple  b) visually pleasing and in agreement with the aesthetics of the rest of the boat c) Small enough to be out of the way when not used, but large enough to be worth having d) It needs to be gotten from materials I already have.

Fortunately, I have a few old headsails from my cruiser that can be given use here.

The umbrella or parasol works on most of these points, but needs a second person in the boat.
The balanced lug seems a good choice, but I am leaning toward the sail being bent on to the mast, as in the sprit rig.  The sprit also leaves the possibility open for a small headsail to be set flying, which might be nice on very light air days.

Although the this rig would probably require a boom, another spar in the way when not in use, I might just get by without it if I lead the sheet to the stern or use a removable boomkin instead and thus not have to worry about being hit in the head.  I could always add a boom later if desired or just for occasional use.  The dimensions seem just about right, and the shape is very pleasing:

Sail dimensions

Sprit Rig

  • Luff: 6' 3"
  • Foot: 9' 3"
  • Leech: 11' 0"
  • Head: 4' 4"

Found this at:

I laid out an old headsail yesterday and by the measurements I took, I think I can get this sail from it, plus a small jib, possibly.

I have maybe just enough wood from the packing crate, in the right lengths to lay up a sprit and mast.
It is not the clearest of wood but with the laminating it might just serve.  It sure will look nice when shaped and varnished.  I could use some of the cedar planking for the sprit, it's not strong but it is light.

So I'd need:
-a mast that was 8'6", minimum, 2-3/4" dia. at the partner.
-a sprit that was approx. 10'-6" , about 1-3/4 dia. at mid length

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