Friday, April 27, 2012

Interior work

 After flipping the boat back onto it's bottom (it's gotten a little heavier, pain?)  I caulked the joint between the chine and the sides.
chine to hull joint ready for paint.
I have painted the undersides of the decking because it will be to hard to get in there after they are attached and they need paint to preserve them a little.  I left an unpainted border for the glue to adhere to when I do attach them.

Floatable now, patience.
The boat seems so different to me with paint on it.
I am now a the point where I can attach the decks, but I think I want to put on one coat of finish paint on them before I do.  They are already primed.
I still haven't decided on how I am going to attach the floors so that they don't come out if the boat is turned over, but are easily removed for cleaning.

The boat is probably going to way at least 15 pounds more than I would really like.  Everything adds up.  It is strange when I think about how much weight the paint seems to have added, then I think about picking up a can of paint and how heavy it is.  I would think a lot of the weight of a paint can comes in the form of moisture that will eventually evaporate when applied to a surface.

Still to do:
   attach decks & bulkheads
   locking mechanism for hatches
   locking mechanism for floors
   Coamings for forward and aft bulkheads
   Taffrail/sculling notch
   oarlock sockets

After launch I will consider the sailing rig.
I guess I really need to start thinking about a name.

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