Friday, June 1, 2012

Big sticks

Using what I have.  Pine board and Gorilla Glue.
Hopefully it will be a mast soon.

Just Gorilla glued up the mast.
4 laminations
   3/4"x 3"x 8'-8", yellow pine
this should work out to be:
1 3"x3"x8'-8"
That will be worked down to:
2-3/4" at the partner----1-3/4" at the top

Or so the plan goes.

I may try and do some kind of mechanical seizing along the mast, as well as the glue and varnish.  It isn't a tall stick and I can get away with that because of the sail type and shape.  The sprit will be about 11 feet long, but it can be a little "bendy".

For the design of the mast, or how I will shape it, I am referencing an article in WoodenBoat Magazine(#224), by the boat designer/builder Arch Davis, ( in which he builds a "simple mast" for a 12 foot peapod.  The wood I had was the pine though I probably could have scared up enough doug fir , which he thinks is a good choice, if I looked hard enough.  I kind of liked the idea of using the salvaged wood of the same type I've used already.  If it doesn't work I can try the fir.

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