Friday, March 16, 2012


The boat is flipped upside down once again.  I must say it does seem very light and easy to handle.  I have decided to upgrade the specified stiffeners/bilge boards from just the 2, by adding a center piece, which is really a keel, and a skeg.

I am using the same pine board from the packing crate I found for this application.  The bilge boards are 3/4" thick by 1-1/2" wide and can make their shape easily enough, but the skeg is another matter.  I have cut the board to 3/8" thick and am laminating them up to the shape of the bottom, "in situ".
skeg being laminated.
The skeg will be built up until I can get enough to cut out the shape which at the after end is 10" deep.  The skeg will be about 4 feet long before it joins into the keel with a scarf.

I have masked off the bottom of the boat with some waxed paper and am using a few screws and what ever is heavy and at hand to weight down the wood as it sets up.
skeg gluing.  Note the patches of the holes from the station frames on the side.
I am a little concerned that the attachment point of the skeg to the bottom will be fragile, but I guess I will give it a shot.  I haven't decided by what method I will make the attachment.  I guess my options would be:  fasteners/epoxy, epoxy only, Gorilla glue only, Gorilla Glue/ fasteners.  I kind of like the epoxy idea because of being able to make fillets that would add attachment area and strength.

I have also not made my final decision on glassing the bottom.  I know it will add durability and life to the boat but when I got into my fiberglass supply storage box the other day I was immediately taken back to the nastiness of working with that stuff.  I would almost have to replace the bottom than to have to work with that stuff again.  We'll see

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