Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Gorilla in the Room

I did a test with the Gorilla glue using some trimmed off pieces of the boat.  I left them in a bucket of water for to see how long or if the glue would go.  After about 5 days I was able to pull the pieces of wood apart.   Of course I could have done a bad job clamping and all.  It could happen.

 I am not sure how I feel about this.  On one hand, the glue is not waterproof (at least the way I applied it).
On the other hand the wood was unfinished, no paint or varnish, and the joint in my test was about 1/4 wide and a foot long.  After the 5 days the wood itself was pretty soft.  I plan on dry sailing this boat, or at least, not leaving it the water all season long.  I plan on painting and, or, sealing all the glue joints with anything from epoxy in the form of fillets, to bedding compound.  I am not sure how worried I am about the glue giving up.  I also have mechanical fasteners, screws, over most of the boat, so there is redundancy.

Well if she comes apart it won't be the first boat in the history of boat building to do so, I am sure.

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