Friday, March 23, 2012


Well after a few days of glueing and clamping I have finally finished laying up the skeg.

Laminated skeg
It is made from the same yellow pine crate material except for the very bottom layer, which is a wedge of doug fir.
Skeg set in place with keel clamped against it.
Now I think I will put a layer of glass on the bottom so that any lateral force on the skeg will be taken up by the fiberglass rather than the thin wood of the bottom.  After a layer of glass I can attach the keel, bedding it, fastening it, applying epoxy fillets, and then some glass clothe to join it to the glass bottom.  That should do it.
It seems like a lot of material to hang off the boat.  I will plane it down a bit, give it a little shape before affix it.
Now to find some glass clothe.

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