Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Un stalled

After a few days of not doing anything on the skiff I got a few things done today.  First off, I got the inner keel, such as it is, installed.  What I have done is really just doubled the thickness of the hull with an 8" width down the middle.  This is just to give the fasteners for the keel and skeg a bit more to bite into.  Here you can see all of my various weights holding down the plywood strip while the glue dries.  Those are tins and an oatmeal box full of nails pulled from used palettes waiting to be used or taken to recycling.

Aft compartment trim added.  Inner keel weighted while the glue kicks
I am hoping that with the layer of fiberglass on the outside and this inner keel on the inside, the keel & skeg will be secure enough to take a little abuse.
Forward compartment trim.
I still want to wait until the bottom is finished before I install the compartments and thus limit my access to the bottom of the boat.  It was nice to get this bit of work done.  I used the reclaimed cedar decking for the hatch trim because it is light and can be finished bright or left bare.  I will devise the latching system to keep these hatches in place and watertight much later on.  I angled the cuts on the ends to match the rake of the ribs.  I kind of like the added touch.

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