Sunday, February 26, 2012

risers and floors

Got the risers milled and temporarily installed.  The design calls for a 7" high box to sit on  so I put the risers 7" above the bottom of the boat.  The thwarts will add an almost and inch in height but the floors are a total of 2-1/8 inch above the bottom of the boat.  I am not sure how this will feel for a rowing position.  I have to remember to make stretchers or braces for my feet to push against while rowing.

 The risers are yellow pine, I think, reclaimed from a packing crate.  I made thwarts from cedar decking that is also reclaimed.  Don't know if I will make other thwarts that are a bit wider, these are only 5 1/2 inches wide.
 I milled new floors from the reclaimed cedar.  These floors are 5/8ths thick by 3" wide.  I think I like these although they are going to need some time and convincing to take the curve in the rocker of the aft 3 frames.
 Right now the floors are the full length of 7'6", but I may divide them in length to make it easier to get below them for bailing.

I still have to make the bulkheads and get them fitted.  I don't think I will make an inwhale as I don't really see the need for it, and it would just add weight, not much but it all adds up.

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