Friday, February 3, 2012


It is now the middle of the two coldest months of the year and it doesn't seem as if winter has ever really begun.  I thought about doing some epoxy work in the shop the other day when the temps were suppose to hit 60'f, but decided I wasn't at that point yet.  Besides, the meteorologist say it can only get warmer from this point on, (the over all trend).

Well the bottom of the boat is attached and it is flipped right side up.  I have been shaping the stem, just for something to do while trying to decide what to do next.  I think the bottom is to thin to be practical.  At 4mm the plywood could be holed by a good punch of a fist, or dropping something heavy on it, like an anchor.  I do like the light weight feel of the boat.  It feels like a kayak when lifted, but I wonder how it will do being moved in and out of the water.

I have started the framing of the aft compartment.  It so happens that on a run to the lumberyard to pick up some scrapped palettes, which they give me for free, I noticed new signs going on the gas station across the street.  The crating for the signs was up for grabs and the guys even helped me load it into the truck.  The grates were about 8'-6"x 4'x2' deep boxes made of some kind of pine, yellow I think, but not the best stuff. I pulled them apart and removed all the fasteners.  I now have a good stash of long and short board.

I am using some of this pine for the framing in the compartment aft and I hope to use it for the framing thru out the boat.  So much for the light weight feeling!

The cutting of the framing is a bit tricky in that they all seem to need compound cuts.  It takes time to get the angles and to double check all measures.

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