Wednesday, February 8, 2012

By any other name...

I came to the idea that  maybe my version of the skiff will be called the "QTx".  Maybe I should write to J. Machalak  about it.  The "x" is to stand for ExPLORER.

I this version of the boat I have watertight compartments, fore and aft, both for storage and flotation.  A coaming of sorts will protect the cockpit from run off of rain or spray from those decks and allow for an attachment location for a small tent that will allow for camping aboard.  The storage spaces should have plenty of room for a few days of supplies and gear.  I am taking my inspiration for the camping arrangement from John Welsfords "Walkabout" sailing boat.  I may even include a very basic sailing rig, a down wind sail assist.

Yesterday I glued in the frames for the aft compartment.  I probably should have used the cedar decking scrap for the framing, as it is much lighter than the pine I got from the crates, but I didn't.  I'll consider it for the forward framing though I think for the frames amid ships the pine would be better suited.  I do hope to use the cedar for the floors and thwarts.

Still trying to decide between the simple and ever adaptable thole pins or oar locks, which are expensive and losing parts can be problematic.  I am leaning toward the pins.

I  also have to decide about oars.  I have a set of 7 foot oars that I use for my fiberglass 8' dink and I kind of feel I want something a tad bit longer even thought that is the length JM recommends for this boat.  I'd need to build my own if I want a longer oar, and that is part of the attraction to the idea.

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