Monday, February 20, 2012


Well I got the 2 decks cut to basic shape and set in place just to see what it is that I am working towards. I still have station #7 in place at about midships but the frames for the compartments are locking in the shape fore and aft.
The camber on the aft compartment looks like it will be a bit of an issue for getting the deck to lay fair.  The camber is really in 2 directions and plywood hates that.
The foredeck is actually a little concave but seems as though it should sit just fine.
Fore deck without bulkhead.
I have also got the forward most set of frames in.  I have settled on 5 frames total between bulkheads.  It might be a bit much considering the boats design is with out any, but I am using a thinner plywood for the hull than the design calls for.
From this shot it looks like a powerboat yet to be.
From this shot the extreme rocker gives it away for being a rowing boat.  I hope to get the rest of the ribs in place and the floors made and dry fitted before I turn the boat back over to do the bottom glass, if I decide to use glass, and the stiffener/skegs, before I flip her back right side up and finish finally attach the  interior components.
I have started to really think about how I hope to build the tent for camping.  I have a plan!
I still don't have a name for her yet.  Her shape reminds me of a Pringle's potato chip, but that seems just wrong for any help naming her.

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