Thursday, May 23, 2013

Working it all out, letting it happen.

I was not happy with the way the shaping of the chine logs was going so I decided to try a different approach.  This seems to make more sense.
I had to keep the bottom of the boat at 24" to be able to get it out of the remainder of the plywood sheet.  The form kept the shape from wanting to be anywhere under 30".  I guess the angles and the gunwales pushed it all out, no problem for me just take the boat off the form and let the wood do what it wants.  I added a 22" spacer at mid ships, then clamped the chine logs on to the sides at midships too.  This insured the 24" width, while letting the wood reshape itself as it needed.
If I had worked out all of the angles properly on paper first, or even as I went, then I could have left it all on the form and had the boat I set out to build.  The slightly new shape is fine with me, I am sort of free form and like the "organic" evolution of the whole thing.
Off the forms and work table.
Jigs for shaping the chine at the stems that don't stress the
plywood or lightweight cedar stems.
 I made these jigs to shape the stems.  These pull in the chine logs but don't pull out on the cedar stem or the thin plywood.  The c-clamps on the end are helping to twist the chine log in to the curve of the hull.

chine log jig.
If the chine was not beveled I suppose I could have just laminated it in  2 thinner pieces.  Even bevelled it wouldn't be hard to do, but I didn't want to cut these pieces and loose the thickness or mill more chine, so......

The bottom is at 24 inches to the outside of the chine.  This means that the remaining plywood from the one sheet will just fit.
I will give the chines a day to get used to their shape and then I will glue them in.  They will be glued only except at the stems where they will get ring nails also.  I may add ring nails to the inside yet, but as for now, no.

This boat has a specific requirement, as did the last, and that limits it's usefulness and practicality.  Had I not limited the boat to a "One sheet" boat, then I would like to see this shape at about 12 feet overall.  It looks a lot like a little dory.  I am sure it will be just as kranky, but I hope it will do the job.

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