Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Repair has begun

The repair on the skiff has begun.  It wasn't to difficult to get the broken parts apart.  First I cut the fiberglass on the partner to separate it.  Then I had to drill out the bungs that attached the coaming, remove the screws.  Then I cut into the bedding compound with a razor knife where the coaming attached to the bulkhead.  Then a bit of a tap with a mallet and off it came.
coaming separated and ready for repair.
 Then I had to cut the stub of the mast step that was left, of the coaming.  Not to tough.  It was screwed from behind and glued in place.  It sanded down smooth and the surface should be fine for receiving the new step.

After playing around with ideas for a while I came up with a design for the new step.  It is much like the original, but twice as thick, and will accommodate a few belaying pins.  I drew the shape out on one piece and then glue the two pieces together.

new mast step being laminated.
I think that this time I won't fiberglass the step.  The glass held fine, but it seems pointless if the rest of the wood is going to break.  My hope is that the added thickness, the glue and the grains being set against each other will be enough.

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