Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Liz's boat gets glueing

Today I milled the stock for the gunwales.  This is the second/outer layer of the gunwale and is made of yellow pine.  Not only will the contrasting color be interesting but the pine is tougher than the inner layer of cedar.
gunwales layers being together in place
After these set up I can take them off and work them a bit before I attach them to the sides, which will be much easier than working them in place, but now they will hold their shape while they are off the forms.

gunwales being glued up.  Note that I use many different kinds of clamps
I found a Youtube video where a guy describes building what is basically the same boat.  He calls it a "pirogue", which makes perfect sense, especially because he was from Mississippi and that type of boat is popular in the "cajun south".
His boat was a stitch and glue method where as this one will be a hard external chine. 

The sides are bowing out about an inch on each side, at the bottom at midship.  Because of the way I set up the forms, I can't clamp the sides to the forms on the bottom.  I am not to worried about this as I think that when I turn the boat over and set up the forms again, inverted, it will all work out.  I think the movement is a result of the stress from the bending of the gunwales.

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