Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gunwales attached, time to flip

Now that both gunwales are attached and I have removed the forms, I can flip the boat over and attach the chines.  I need to set up the 3 forms so that the bottom holds it's shape while the chine is bent into place.  Although the plywood work table has it's benefits, this is where a "ladder" type of work frame would help.  When the boat is flipped over the stems will be below the plane of the center form and the plywood work table gets in the way.  With a ladder the stems would just poke thru the space in the middle.  I may make up a ladder real quick from some salvaged palettes that I have.
Gunwales attached and forms removed.
ready for the chine and bottom
I was very surprised by how little the boat weighs at this point.  I hope that it ends up being strong enough.  I received the fiberglass, that I ordered from Duckworks, and the 3 oz. glass is pretty thin.  This boat maybe pushing it for lightweight, but it is fun to see how far we can go.
I still have to mill the chines.  I am thinking that they will be 3/4 x 1 inch finished,  so I will have to cut them about 1/2 inch taller to make up for the loss of wood for the bevel.  The wood, yellow pine, will come from the salvaged packing crate that I have used on 2 other boats and a set of oars.

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