Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Reading

I first read this anthology of sailing stories in 2006.  I believe it was a gift from my wife's family in Los Angeles, CA.  Good books, can be read over and over thru out ones life, given a bit of time between readings, enough to allow details to become new again.
The setting of the first story in this book is an around the world ocean race!  The main character is a former Royal Marine.  Right away I am disinclined to read this story, figuring that it has very little to do with the way I sail and the things about sailing that interest me.  Way too much testosterone!!!!  However, I am totally wrong about that, well not the testosterone, but the story has everything to do with what draws me to sailing, and what draws most of us who would go out and try to use the elements to get us where we are going, knowing full well that those same elements could destroy us, and still we would rather do it this way than to turn the key and start up an engine.
Winter reading, by the fire, as suggested by the Author
When I can't be on the water, in a boat, the next best place to be would be by a fireplace, with a warm cuppa, reading about other people, having adventures upon the water, in boats.
I have to pace myself or I would sit and read this entire book from cover to cover in one sitting.

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