Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Here is my first model of my single sheet of plywood boat that I hope to build this winter.  The idea is to get a boat for paddling in the pond, that I can carry easily to the water, and that would cost very little to build.

The model in this model, is Avo, a doll from South America and he is just the right height to be in the proper scale.
 The boat is 7' long on the bottom.  It seems to be about 7'6" overall.
 the beam is 2' on the bottom, and about 2'6" at the gunwale.
 It has a pram bow, or a small transom bow, in other words, it doesn't come to a fine point.
 But the bow is narrower than the stern.  All the parts, 5 of them, the bottom, the 2 sides, and the stem and transom are cut from one sheet of plywood, 8'x4'.  I intend to build this from Luan, the same stuff I used on Whisp.  I am still not sure if I will do a stitch and glue method or a chine log at the joints.
I am set to build this "design" just to see how it will come out.  It is a bit skinny, and a bit short, but I'd still like to see how it works.  I did find this designer on the web and really like and admire his work.  One sheet boats - FLO-MOFlowing Motion  (or,
I think I may try one of his designs as well.

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