Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mark,cut, drill, attach, it looks like a boat!

One sheet of plywood, some penciled lines and japanese pull saw.  While laying out the lines on the plywood I made a change the the measurements from the model, never a good idea!

Cutting the bottom with a pull saw.
I shortened the bottom of the boat from 7 feet to 6'6".  The thought was that I needed more height from the bow and transom pieces.  This change took them from being 12" to 18" tall.
The bow has a nice angle to it with the transom being more vertical.

all the parts stitched together with plastic cable wraps.  So far the assembly is right side up and without frames or stations other than the midship brace.  The plastic cable wraps can easily be cut away for reworking or taking measurements.
The bow is about 3 inches taller than needed and the transom is about 6 inches taller than needed.  
I may use the extra height at the transom to put in a sculling notch and the bow to do something interesting, maybe a notch as well that would be a fair lead for a painter attached inboard to a cleat???

The beam at the gunwale is at 3'2".  The modeled was plan 2'6".  The lines are being made up as I go.
 After getting the sides marked, dividing the length in half and then marking every 6 inches along the bottom for the stitching, I moved the sides forward 3 inches and then began from midships and started attaching the bottom to the sides.
A thin gunwale and maybe a double layered (slotted) inwale??
 I think some cleats glued to the sides for a rowing position, about 6 inches above the bottom would also serve to keep the shape.  I will also have a brace forward and aft, probably about 2 feet from the ends.

tombstone bow and transom
When both sides were attached I then attached the bow and transom, setting the angle to use as much of the length of the sides as possible but keeping the full height of the topsides.  The angle at the bow and transom set the flare of the sides and the rocker on the bottom.  I also used a brace to set the beam at midships to 3'2".  At this beam the boat can be rowed or paddled.

The sides still need to be trimmed to meet up with the ends but I am going to wait until I have decided the best method for attaching the sides to the bottom.  I would like to put a chine log inside the boat but because I gave the transom 3 more inches of width at the bottom than the bow has, but they have the same width at the top, so a chine log would have a changing bevel and I don't want to try to work it out. 
I could narrow the bow piece to match the angle of the transom, but I have given the beam a big flare at midships so the chine would still change at the middle of the boat. :(  

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