Friday, November 25, 2011


THANKS FOR THE chance to build a boat of my very own, for the space in which to build it, for the time and resources, for the dream of it.

work table with wood stove in the background.

11/25- (3hrs) 
finished drawing fair curves for top and bottom of side panels.  When I took away the battens and stood back to examine the lines I noticed something wrong with the starboard side panel.
clamping the batten to nails driven into the plywood at station marks

 It was subtle but not quite right.  I stared at it for a while then took up measuring all my marks.  As it turns out I had made an 1/8th inch mistake on frame 7.  That 1/8th inch made the bottom seem all wrong and squirrelly.
cutting side panels
Cut out foreword panels, P&S, and form #2 and 1/2 form #10.  I used a japanese pull saw to cut the patterns.  The Jim Machalak recommends using a shallow set circular saw but it was a really nice day out, warm and blu skies, and I had the big doors open in the shop and the thought of hearing power tools just hit me wrong.  The pull saw worked just fine.  I cut just on or outside the lines and will plane down to the lines later.  This luan is very thin and I worry that it won't be strong enough to hold it's own shape or that it might flex.  I think adding frames to the boat would not be difficult or problematic and I could even put stringers on the added frames if needed.
After cutting out station 2 panel I tried to use the ban saw to get close to the line but I think the hand saw and the plane or sureform are much cleaner.  The added time and effort are kind like meditation, calming.
station 2 and P&S forward side panels.
I realize that cut out the bow and bottom of the foreword panels but I forgot to cut the sheer line.  I'll get back to it another time.  I am trying to plan ahead for the compartments I want to have forward and aft.  I was hoping it would be as simple as leaving in station #2 and #10, and it may yet prove to be, but I am sure I will have to add a shelf and stringers athwart ship to keep from going thru the decks.  

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