Sunday, November 27, 2011

The compromise

I just like this.
Today I cut the sheer line on the side panels.  Again I used a pull saw and my arms.  I cut a little wide and then used a plane and sureform down to the line.  This took a lot of time, but it was time I really enjoyed.  It was a nice day and the big doors were open to the day.  Later when I found I had a little time I came back to the project.  Since I had only a little time I thought I'd try using the jigsaw to maybe get one of the after side panels cut.  I took my time and moved the saw very slowly.  It was just what I had expected.  I made a very nice cut, right on the line, but leaving it.  No plane or sureform needed.  It went pretty quickly too, in fact I cut both P&S panels out in less time than it took me to cut one by hand.  The other part of using the power jig saw that was just as I had anticipated was the whining noise of the motor and the ring in my ears that remained when I turned it off.  While using the jig saw I couldn't hear the acoustic guitar recording I had on the stereo as I could while using the hand saw.

So I have to choose.  I am sure that the compromise will be that when I want to get somethings done and a time table is in mind, I may use the power tools.  When I just want to enjoy the experience and the day or some music, it will be hand tools.  I will also choose the hand tools when I want to hone my skills with them for future projects that will require more technique and higher tolerances.

I am still worried about the flimsiness of the 5mm luan for this boat.  I have thought about just doubling all the panels and then glueing, or laminating I guess you'd call it, them together to have a 10 mm hull thickness.  That's slightly over 3/8 of an inch while the plans call for 1/4 inch.  Price wise it comes out about the same as if I had bought the 1/4 inch to begin with, but I didn't like plywood that was available in that size with all the footballs and one side a little rough.

One advantage might be that I could offset the scarphs and not have to use butt blocks.  I am not sure and may not be able to decide until I have already nailed the side panels to the stations.

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