Friday, November 25, 2011

A beginning

SO IT BEGINS with a step.  I suppose the first step was deciding on a design.  In order to make that step I had to make a list of things I wanted the boat to be.  The list seemed to change every time I revisited it.  In the end it got smaller and that was what allowed me to pick a design.
I searched the web and all the books I could find then decided that given my lack of experience or confidence in my abilities in this discipline, I would look toward those boats intended for the first time amateur builder.  I bought Jim Michalak's book "Boat building for Beginners, and beyond".  This book is so down to earth and unassuming in it's tone that it seemed just the right thing.  The book includes plans for about 7 boats, including the QT rowing skiff.

13' X 45", 75 POUNDS EMPTY
Designer, Jim Michalak

I knew I was going to do it when I went to the local lumberyard and bought the first of the materials.  I came home and started clearing the spot in the shop that I had in my mind for boat building.  I also rummaged thru the bins of "stuff" I have and found 3 light fixtures that I then wired up to the ceiling to give the needed coverage of light.

3 -4x8x5.2mil. Lauan plywood $13.10ea $39.30 11/15/11
1 -Gorilla glue 18oz. $15.99 11/15/11

11/23- (5hrs.)
Laid out ply in shop and drew the patterns of the sides and 2.5 of the frames.
-Cut a 3/8"x3/4" batten from clear pine.
-finish nails in stations and clamped batten to nails, drew bottom curve.
In this space one can either store a car or build a boat.  Not a tough choice really.

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