Monday, November 28, 2011

A sticky situation

Today I finished cutting out the rest of the parts from the plywood.  I tried using a circular saw set shallow, as is suggested in J. Mackalaks book, but I really didn't like it as much as using the jig saw and the cut wasn't as clean as the jig saw either.

In the plans form 10 is taken in 2 pieces from two different sheets of ply.  I found space to cut it out as one piece  in space that is not claimed by the parts of the boat and cut it out this way.  this is especially good since I plan to make form 10 into a bulkhead and the forward end of the after compartment.

To scarf the foreward and the after parts of the sides together I chose to use a butt block and glue as is suggested in the construction instructions.  I also chose not to use any fasteners on this scarf, as the designer said he has done.

glueing up the side panels
I read in Iain Oughtred's book on clinker lapstrake plywood boat building that he used 4x8 sheets of plywood cut in half length wise to make long coffin like boxes with 3 sides that when laid down on the shop floor become the building platform.  He uses this as a substitute for a building jig or ladder.  I didn't have the spare ply to use but I did have a bunch of old closed doors that I haven't any use for.  Actually I used two of them to roof my chicken coop.  I put these doors on saw horses and fastened them end to end and to the horses and they make a 13 foot table that is just big enough to glue up both side planks at the same time.  I am thinking about making shorter horses for this "boat building station" as right now they are 35" off the ground.  24'' or so would be better.  But for now I like my flat long work table.

My closet door boat building station.  Two 6'6" x 3' closet doors scarfed end to end on saw horses.
Makes a long flat surface that I can nail into.  The doors are hollow core so only the edges are structural.

I can't work on the boat tomorrow so that will give the glue time to set.  I used a 3/4x4'' board on top of the butt scarfs and drove a screw thru it to the table at the center to clamp the scarf.  I then put a 4'long angle iron, very heavy across the 2 scarfs and clamped it to the saw horses, then added a 30 lb. weight to the whole thing.

I am using "Gorrilla Glue" and am a little concerned about the expansion of it.  I could hear it as it pushed out of the joint almost immediately.  I am wondering if the pressure of the clamp increased it's rate of cure some?  I clamped the side panels to the bench and my hope is the the foam glue will fill the gap on the outside, but not to much.  Guess I'll find out on Wednesday.

I have decided not to add any layers to the hull planks but I may add something to the bottom in the cockpit area.

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