Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sail #9, #9,#9.....

Crazy warm weather.  It's December 22 and it's 70'F!!!
Rain, Wind clouds
Note the tiller lashed with bungee cord to keep
course while I walk forward!  Love that.
I decided to get out before the strong weather came in and hoped that I could have a nice sail.  I had a great sail.
The sun cutting thru the clouds occasionally made the rain seem friendly and the warm air made me think of Adisto Island in South Carolina last year.
The wind was strong enough to fly just the small stay sail, on the forestay as  I don't have a staysail stay rigged.  The boat had the slightest bit of lee helm but mostly it was balanced.  What ever the wind force was we were doing anywhere from 3 to 5 knots, I'd guess.
I tried flying the main but it wasn't much fun and the gusts had us rail under even with the reef in.

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