Friday, March 15, 2013

Pram underbody

I used some of the remaining yellow pine that was scavenged from a packing crate to mill both of the bilge skids and the skeg.  The skeg is 3/4 in wide and the skids are 1"wide x 3/4"thick.

bilge skids glueing up
 I chose to use Gorilla glue and ss screws to attach the underbody parts.  I am not so sure that the Gorilla glue will bond completely with the epoxy, but that is partly why I am using it.  I'd like to be able to remove these parts when the need replacing.  The Gorilla glue foams up nicely to fill in some of the gaps, the foam isn't structural but it will help to mate the two surfaces and create a watertight gasket of a sort.
skeg glued up.
I didn't use any backing plates on the inside of the pram, the way I did on the skiff.  I think that the fiberglass and the plywood together are enough, but if that proves to be untrue I can always add them.

I cut the bilge skids much longer than needed so as to give more leverage to the weights as I bent them to shape.  I made small cuts on the underside, about an eighth of an inch, at the ends so that when I cut them to length I won't have to cut all the way down to the fiberglass!

underbody parts all attached.
 Now after the glue dries I can sand away the excess and use some caulk to create a nice fillet around the edges before painting.

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