Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Armored bottom.

It is really amazing how much the size of the boat effects the time it takes to do each of the projects.  I think any one who needs to be quickly gratified, but wants to build a boat, two things I think are mutually exclusive, would be best to start with the smallest boat possible.  Progress on any one part of the project happens much faster.
masked, glassed and curing.  the armor is now on.
 The warm spell was fortunate for me in the timing of it.  By day after tomorrow the temps will be back in the 30's during the day and below freezing at night.

A little cover with a heater on the floor underneath
to keep it warm overnight.
 The epoxy is drying, tacky, and kicking enough that I trimmed off the fiberglass to the a neat edge and pulled the masking tape off.

I lit the wood stove and ran the small ceramic space heater (electric) under the work table and it felt downright balmy in there but the thermometer read only 60f.  That's the warmest it's been in there for months.

I only have the "slow" hardener for the epoxy and the min. temp
is, you guessed it 60'f.  I think its much warmer under the tarp.

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