Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Joy's of Summer

On the first day of summer and 90 degree temperature, I thought, what better place to be than on a cool fresh water lake in my skiff.  So, off I went.

With out fail, each time I come across other boaters, usually at the launch ramps, the skiff gets comment and approval.  It makes me feel good.

I am very happy with this boat so far.  It carries well when rowing, so it seems very easy to row.  The distance that is covered with little effort is impressive to me.

I anchored for the first time and enjoyed some cooling off in the fresh water by hanging off the transom, which seemed to take my almost 200 lbs. with no problems.  I was also able to just drift along at times while hanging my feet over the side amidships and though the boat healed over it felt stable and comfortable.

I did a little more umbrella sailing.  It still makes me smile to be able to do that.  I have taken the luff wire out of the old sail and have to finish deconstructing before I can get to the construction part of the sail.  For now I am happy to just go out and row, just "Messing about".

I have gotten the loading and launching down to a pretty good system now, using a couple of old fenders that I found over the years and the kayak wheelies.  Very quick and very manageable.

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